New Combined Payment Portal

We are excited to announce our new combined online payment portal. Please note that all customers will need to enroll for this new service, even if you were previously enrolled for online payments.

Our current payment portal will be unavailable to existing users beginning October 17, at which time you will be redirected to the new combined payment portal to enroll and enter your payment funding source information.

View Instructional PDF Access the New Portal


Invoice Payments: Schedule payments for specific open invoices on your linked accounts. (Most Commonly Used)

Recurring Payments: Schedule multiple payments towards open invoices or orders.

One-Time Payments: Schedule prepayments for International/Proforma orders only.


Combined Creative Co-Op, Bloomingville, and ILLUME Access: View the invoices for all of your associated accounts that are linked to your Master Payer Customer Code (your "ALL" account). There are no limitations on the number of accounts that can be linked to a single ALL account within the payment portal.

Shared Payment Funding Source: Enter your payment information once, and use it to reconcile open invoices for any of your linked accounts.


International Addresses Without Zip Codes: At this time, customers in countries that do not use zip codes will not be able to access the payment portal.

International Credit Cards Not Accepted: International customers (with billing address zip codes) can use the new payment portal and a US Dollar funding source to process prepayments for orders.

2-3 Day Invoice Reconciliation Time: Please allow up to 3 business days to view your updated/reconciled invoices within the payment portal.