About Us

Creative Co-Op is a global leader in wholesale home accessories, designing and distributing an expansive range of lifestyle products to a broad spectrum of retailers worldwide. The ‘Creative’ part of our name revolves around imagination, design, and collaboration with artists. ‘Co-Op’ speaks to the union of our customers, our suppliers, and our people. The combination results in our unique ability to bring extraordinary products to our valued customers.


Since 2001, our mission has remained simple: to empower the success of our retail customers.

For our tens of thousands of independent retailers, we do this through our on-the-ground sales team, industry-leading customer service and loyalty programs, trend-leading product collections, and unrivaled ‘in stock’ rates. For our larger retail partners, we specialize in custom product development and private label programs that ensure a highly varied assortment and superior sell-through rates.

We are fiercely committed to customer success. We understand that the retail environment is constantly evolving, and we embrace this change as an opportunity to further elevate ourselves and the value we can bring to our customers.



Our product assortment showcases styles for every room, every taste, and every occasion. Our core home décor offering is as unique as it is expansive, with thousands of products that bring personality to every home, and our Seasonal collections provide the perfect décor for most any holiday.


Last but certainly not least, our passionate employees are our most highly prized asset. Our family of companies means our staff spans the globe – from our sourcing teams in Asia, to our design professionals in Portland, to our administrative and distribution members in Memphis, and multiple offices and showrooms in between, our people make us greater than the sum of our parts.

We are forever thankful for their dedication, creativity, and integrity. Together, we are Creative Co-Op.