Glass Beaded Metal Angel Wings, Silver Finish
Collection: Silent Night

This pair of angel wings is a breathtaking work of art, spanning 18 inches long and 19.5 inches high. Each wing is a tapestry of intricate glass beads laid upon a sturdy metal frame, all finished in a radiant silver that glows with an otherworldly grace. The craftsmanship speaks of celestial elegance, making these wings not just a decorative item but a symbol of protection and peace. Whether displayed as a focal point or as part of a larger angelic theme, these wings will bring a serene and inspiring atmosphere to the home. They are a testament to beauty and grace, inviting a sense of wonder and reverence into any space they grace. An exquisite pair of angel wings, meticulously crafted with glass beads and a silver finish that captures the light and the eye. An elegant statement piece that adds a heavenly touch to any decor style, from contemporary to classic. Ideal for hanging above a mantelpiece, in a sacred space, or as a centerpiece in a room dedicated to tranquility and reflection.

Catalog Name: 18"L x 19-1/2"H Glass Beaded Metal Angel Wings, Silver Finish

UPC: 191009637646

Inner: 4

Carton: 24

Cube: 7.1296

Dimensions: 18.0 x 0.3

Material: Glass Beads