Metal Wire & Glass Beaded Angel Wings Ornament, Silver Finish
Collection: Silent Night

This metal wire and glass beaded angel wings ornament is a divine addition to any holiday decor. The intricate silver finish on the metal provides a perfect backdrop for the glittering beads, creating an effect that is both radiant and refined. At 4 inches high, it's sized to stand out on the tree or to catch the eye when hung by a window, where it can reflect the winter light. Whether given as a gift or treasured in the home, this ornament is sure to be a heavenly highlight of the holiday season. A celestial creation, this ornament features delicate angel wings crafted from metal wire and adorned with sparkling glass beads. An ethereal addition, it's perfect for bringing a touch of angelic grace to the festive decor or as a thoughtful gift. Ideal for hanging on the Christmas tree or as a standalone decorative piece, these wings symbolize peace and protection.

Catalog Name: 4"H Metal Wire & Glass Beaded Angel Wings Ornament, Silver Finish

UPC: 191009637240

Inner: 12

Carton: 72

Cube: 1.3241

Dimensions: 4.0 x 0.3

Material: Glass Beads