Cast Aluminum Mouse Taper Holder, Antique Gold Finish
Collection: Vintage Christmas

This mouse taper candleholder is a delightful addition to any room, offering a blend of playfulness and elegance. The antique gold finish gives it a vintage feel, while the mouse shape provides a unique and charming twist. It's designed to hold taper candles, adding a warm glow to the home. Whether placed on a bookshelf, desk, or dining table, this candleholder is sure to become a beloved decorative piece. Its compact size makes it versatile for various settings, and its sturdy construction ensures it will be a lasting treasure in the home. Elegant and endearing, it's a candleholder that brings a touch of magic to the everyday. A charming cast aluminum candleholder, artfully shaped like a mouse, complete with an antique gold finish. A playful piece, it adds a touch of whimsy to any decor, perfect for those who appreciate unique, animal-themed accents. Ideal for adding a storybook charm to the space, this candleholder is sure to spark conversations and smiles.

Catalog Name: 4"L x 2-1/2"W x 4-1/2"H Cast Aluminum Mouse Taper Holder, Antique Gold Finish

UPC: 191009639459

Inner: 6

Carton: 36

Cube: 1.7315

Dimensions: 4.0 x 2.5

Material: Aluminum

Shape: Taper