Handmade Wool & Cotton Blend Garland w/ Pom Poms & Metal Bells
Collection: Twinkle

This handmade wool and cotton blend garland is a celebration of artisanal craftsmanship and vintage aesthetics. Each element, from the soft pom poms to the jingling metal bells, is a nod to the joyous moments of yesteryear. Stretching 72 inches in length and standing 4 inches high, the garland is a substantial piece that can be the focal point of the decor. Whether it's draped over a mantelpiece, along a staircase, or around a festive table, this garland is sure to add a sense of merriment and a dash of antique glamour to the space. It's a piece that beautifully blends the old with the new, creating a timeless decoration for any occasion. A vibrant garland adorned with fluffy pom poms and delicate metal bells, finished in an antique gold, creating a symphony of color and sound. An eclectic mix that brings a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to any decor, perfect for those who appreciate a fusion of textures and eras. Perfect for adding a playful yet elegant ambiance to parties, seasonal festivities, or as a unique everyday accent.

Catalog Name: 72"L x 4"H Handmade Wool & Cotton Blend Garland w/ Pom Poms & Metal Bells, Multi Color & Antique Gold Finish

UPC: 191009635307

Inner: 6

Carton: 24

Cube: 3.6412

Dimensions: 72.0 x 1.5

Material: Polyester

Care Labels: Spot Clean Only