Hand-Painted Stoneware Dove Shaped Vase, White, Grey & Blue
Collection: Scandi

This hand-painted stoneware vase captures the essence of tranquility with its dove shape and a harmonious blend of white, grey, and blue hues. Its design evokes a sense of peace and elegance, making it more than just a vessel for flowers but a statement piece that enhances the decor of any room. Crafted from durable stoneware, it promises longevity and ease of maintenance, while its dimensions ensure it is a versatile addition to any interior. The dimensions are 7.5 inches tall, 3.0 inches wide, and 7.5 inches long. Whether used to display a bouquet of blooms or as a standalone piece, this vase is a testament to serene beauty and functional artistry. A tranquil hand-painted stoneware vase, shaped like a dove, adorned in soothing shades of white, grey, and blue. This vase's gentle colors and peaceful dove silhouette make it a perfect accent for a serene and stylish living space. Ideal for holding fresh flowers or as a standalone decorative piece to complement any room.

Catalog Name: 7-1/2"L x 3"W x 7-1/2"H Hand-Painted Stoneware Dove Shaped Vase, White, Grey & Blue

UPC: 191009647669

Inner: 0

Carton: 6

Cube: 0.8522

Dimensions: 7.5 x 3.0

Material: Stoneware