Tube Matchbox with Safety Matches, 3 Styles
Collection: Be Merry

Keep matches accessible at all times by using decorative covers. When a matchbox is part of the room decor, it can be placed anywhere. When wanting to light candles, a fireplace or anything else, leave the frustration of searching for matches in the past and reach for a decorative box of matches they is already out in the open. Place in multiple areas of the home and never search for matches again.

Catalog Name: 2" Round x 12"H Tube Matchbox w/ Fireplace Safety Matches w/ Festive Print, 3 Styles ©

UPC: 191009213031

Inner: 24

Carton: 96

Cube: 3.803

Dimensions: 2.1 x 2.1 x 11.8

Shape: Round