Printed Paper Apron/Hot Mitt Gift Tags/Ornaments, Set of 6 ©
Collection: Whimsy

This set of six printed paper apron/hot mitt gift tags/ornaments is a celebration of culinary delight and festive fun. Each tag, adorned with multi-colored designs, captures the essence of holiday cooking and baking. Each tag in this set of six measures 4.5 inches in height and promises to add a personalized and colorful touch to the festive decorations. They're the perfect size for noticeable yet tasteful accents. Whether used as tags to add a special touch to every gift-giving or as ornaments to spice up holiday decor, these charming kitchenware-inspired pieces are sure to be a hit with cooks and decorators alike. A delightful array of kitchen charm, these printed paper apron and hot mitt gift tags double as whimsical ornaments, bursting with multicolor vibrancy. An adorable touch for culinary enthusiasts, these tags are perfect for personalizing gifts or adding a dash of cheer to the kitchen decor. Ideal for embellishing gift packages or adorning the holiday tree, these tags bring a unique and festive twist to traditional ornaments.

Catalog Name: 4-1/2"H Printed Paper Apron/Hot Mitt Gift Tags/Ornaments, Multi Color, Set of 6 ©

UPC: 191009642626

Inner: 12

Carton: 480

Cube: 1.7361

Dimensions: 4.5 x 6.3

Material: Paper