Glass Bead Garland in Kraft Box, Multi Color
Collection: Fanciful

This multicolored glass bead garland, encased in a kraft box, is a versatile decorative piece that brings life and color to any setting. The array of colors within the beads can brighten up any room or add an extra layer of festivity to special occasions. With a length of 72 inches and a height of 1 inch, it's the perfect size for draping over mantels, winding around columns, or laying down as a centerpiece. The glass construction promises durability, while the glue ensures the beads stay securely in place, making it a reliable choice for both seasonal and everyday decor. This is a perfect choice for anyone who loves graceful and elegant home decor. A vibrant garland of multicolored glass beads, each shining with its own unique hue. An ideal accent for adding a splash of color to neutral palettes or complementing bold interiors. Ideal for dressing up any space, from wrapping around stair banisters to adorning festive tables.

Catalog Name: 72"L x 1"H Glass Bead Garland in Kraft Box, Multi Color

UPC: 191009654926

Inner: 6

Carton: 24

Cube: 2.113

Dimensions: 12.5 x 1.5

Material: Glass