Handmade Wool Felt Ball Garland, Multi Color
Collection: Twinkle

This handmade wool felt ball garland is a symphony of sunset colors, with red, orange, and pink balls strung together to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The garland's length of 72 inches and height of half an inch make it a versatile decorative element that can be used to add a splash of color to various settings. Whether it's enhancing a special occasion or simply brightening up a room, this garland brings with it the joy of a sunset captured in wool, offering both beauty and a sense of comfort to the home. Crafted with care, it's a piece that celebrates the charm of handmade artistry. A radiant garland of handmade wool felt balls, each a hue of red, orange, and pink, reminiscent of a sunset sky. An infusion of warm colors, this garland is perfect for adding a cozy, vibrant touch to any space. Ideal for draping over mirrors, picture frames, or as a lively addition to party decorations.

Catalog Name: 72"L x 1/2"H Handmade Wool Felt Ball Garland, Multi Color

UPC: 191009634805

Inner: 12

Carton: 24

Cube: 1.081

Dimensions: 72.0 x 0.5

Material: Wool Felt