Handmade Wool Felt Ball Garland in Printed Drawstring Bag, Red
Collection: Christmas Market

This handmade garland is a celebration of color and craftsmanship, featuring a series of wool felt balls that bring lively energy to any room. At an impressive 144 inches long and 1.5 inches high, it's a substantial piece that can adorn larger spaces or be doubled up for a fuller look. Available in red and other colors, it offers endless possibilities for matching or contrasting with any existing decor. Packaged in a printed drawstring bag, it's ready to gift or keep as a charming addition to the home, bringing a handmade touch to the living space. Whether for a special occasion or everyday enjoyment, this garland adds a dash of whimsy and a pop of color wherever it's displayed. A vibrant, handmade garland of wool felt balls in red, presented in a charming, printed drawstring bag. An eclectic mix of hues makes this garland a joyful addition to any celebration or a playful touch to a child's room decor. Ideal for stringing along walls, bedposts, or windows to infuse spaces with a spectrum of cheerful colors.

Catalog Name: 144"L x 1-1/2"H Handmade Wool Felt Ball Garland in Printed Drawstring Bag, Red

UPC: 191009634638

Inner: 4

Carton: 24

Cube: 7.291

Dimensions: 144.0 x 1.5

Material: Wool Felt