Electroplated Aluminum Wavy Taper Holder, Nickel Finish (Holds 2 Tapers)
Collection: Scandi

This electroplated aluminum wavy taper candleholder is a fusion of art and function. Measuring 7 inches both in length and width, and standing 6 inches tall, it is designed to hold two taper candles. The nickel finish provides a mirror-like sheen that reflects the candlelight beautifully, enhancing the ambiance of any room. The unique wavy design adds a touch of modern elegance to any decor, making it a versatile piece for both everyday use and special occasions. Its sturdy construction ensures stability while adding a sophisticated touch to the home decor. Its wavy form is not only visually striking but also adds a dynamic presence to any living space. A sleek electroplated aluminum taper candleholder with a wavy design and a lustrous nickel finish. An embodiment of modern elegance, this piece adds a sophisticated twist to any decor. Ideal for creating a focal point on dining tables or sideboards, it holds 2 tapers for a balanced glow.

Catalog Name: 7"L x 7"W x 6"H Electroplated Aluminum Wavy Taper Holder, Nickel Finish (Holds 2 Tapers)

UPC: 191009640080

Inner: 4

Carton: 12

Cube: 1.175

Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.5

Material: Aluminum

Shape: Taper